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on January 2014
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Xperia T not charging?!

Looking on the internet it seems that I'm not the first person with this problem :smileyplain: only problem is all the little tips like holding power and volume button aren't working for me and I haven't seen anyone post this problem so please if anyone can help let me know. Yesterday I woke up after having my phone on charge all night and it was still on 7% and for the next few hours I kept checking and it was only sustaining that 7% not charging. The battery then went completely dead in the afternoon and since then when it's on charge it comes on saying sony then dies again and keeps doing this loop. Anyone know what I can do to fix this or has it happened to anyone else??
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Re: Xperia T not charging?!

Hi there


Have you tried posting in the Xperia support forum?

Have a look Here




"Stabilising Lust3r core."
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